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Words have meaning, they say. But, to the poet, the word may mean another thing. For me, "passion" is deep, perceived by others as almost cold. The quieter I am, the more involved I am.

I would make a lousy game show contestant. At the most "exciting" moment, I would be at my quietest.

A Passion Cold

When others speak of passion,
They use words like
"Hot", "Fiery", "Burning",
As if passion were always heat.

Heat for me evokes
A clearing in a jungle
Or a beach in sunlight,
A summer day spent driving nails,
And carrying iron rods
Made burning hot by the Sun...

Or hard times when I wore,
A helmet, a web belt loaded down,
And carried an M-16.

But, my passions are never
Near the surface,
And so,
I don't feel them as "heat".

They are as cold as was
The color of moonlight,
Showing me your face,
And your body,
In that moment when we took
All each of us could give.
My passions, yes, are cold,
But they are true,
And, will always lead me back...
To you.


Copyright Donovan Baldwin


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