Original Poetry by Donovan Baldwin


Home: Blackie and the Bear
Agent Provocateur I was lured and seduced by her beauty, her wit, driven mad with love, and then betrayed.
A Barracks Room is Not a Home I spent 21 years in the military, and a few living in barracks rooms.
A Boy's Season I grew up with woods and water close at hand. It's no wonder I still don't completely understand buildings and asphalt.
A Doctor in the House?: A monster of a poem, you might say.
A Fourth Dimension Playing around with reality.
A Passion Cold Others experience passion as a heat. For me it is a cold, complete thing.
You Speak To Me The evening breeze flutters the curtains and the candles as the guitar softly plays love songs.
Lifelong Friend - As a tiny kitten she crawled out from under a Quonset hut used as an animal collection point in Hinesville, Georgia and walked up to me and my kids.
Lover's Tale Men use women and toss them aside... but,not this time.
The Warning I admit to being a Robert Service fan and love his poems about the Yukon. I've never been there, but, would love to go...just not as Winter's coming.
Testament This is a poem about what a hard working man has left behind.
We Cannot Find the Singer A story of a minstrel who has given others happiness, but could not find it for himself.
The Balance of Our Lives Thoughts about the decisions that we make and the effect they may have on us, and others.
The Old Man in Your Way We never know the back stories of the old people who pass us every day.
The Storm A ship is tossed in a storm at sea, and the captain depends on a young sailor to help save ship and crew.
Killing the Sleep Monster This is about one night in New Mexico, but I could change the setting to almost all the 48 contiguous states.
Language Lesson One night in Germany, Charlie and I spent hours talking to a couple of guys from France...although they spoke no English and we spoke no French.
Madman and the Mist I normally write poetry, but this is almost a story-poem.
Mathematics Apparently, in another poem I found in some notebooks in my shed, I had a little problem balancing my checkbook...at least in a way that I wanted.
Siren Song of a Fallen Angel Have you ever heard a call, a siren song from somewhere in the dark, or from the depths of your heart, summoning you to adventure, romance, or, perhaps, your own destruction?
She was Only a Whore We have all done stupid things growing up and I am no exception. Regreta? Not many.
Soldier I wrote this poem back in 1982 while stationed with a Military Intelligence unit (I know, oxymoron) at Fort Hood, Texas...back when I could still run six miles.
The Storms of Life This is what you get when you start musing about yesterdays.
A Place I Haven't Been Yet Sixty-seven years old and still have an itchy foot.
As The Songs of Whales Some thoughts I had walking through Macy's during the Christmas shopping madhouse.
Hot Florida Nights
I Was Young Once Yes I was. Parts of me still are.
Looking at a Fence Like a sword that cuts both ways, a fence keeps things in and things out.
The Words I Write
Get in the Game We can't undo what we have done in the past, but we can choose what we're going to do today.
They Just Don't Understand If you write you'll probably relate, if not, you probably won't.
On Growing Old A little self-pity never hurt anyone, did it?
Old Man A young man learns a lesson...too late...from an ancient traveler.
If Somewhere Today A Child Has Died Many have died today, and its a shame to all mankind.
Too Late I Long Again To See: They say you can't go back again.
Value: Up on the Tonto Rim
Salvation of Gerald William Hamilton Jones A Pact with the Devil
Retreat: Sad/Happy Mornings
Rose of the Valley I pictured her, an unknown lady, as beautiful as a rose, growing, blossoming, somewhere between the mountains and the sea.
Mrs. Macbeth: Just a chuckle at Mr. Macbeth
Ode to Billy Clinton: And Monica too, I guess. Long may they wave.
The Mud Bayou: A secret of the swamp.
Thoughts On Watching Interpretive Dancing A dancer moves, interpreting the image of the music, of a story in her mind.
A Tail That's True, Sir!: Oh, my lovely mermaid!
On a Chinese Massacre: Thoughts about Tiananmen Square.
Just Some Old Bum: It could be you or me.
Writer's Block: A takeoff (ripoff) on The Raven.
My Sleeping Beauty: Princess Diana and Prince Charles: My version of a fairy tale.
Carmen: A dirty old man pours out his heart to a young waitress... who isn't listening.
Child of Man - "Seagull" As a boy, I learned a hard lesson about life and death.
Cogito Ergo Hmmm?: Mr. Descartes was on the right track.
Cost of Living: The cost of living in this country. People have paid that cost with their lives.
Dance For Me, Salome Dance for me, Salome, Move in that fabled way As you once did for Herod...
The Sea: I grew up on the Gulf of Mexico and it's still a part of me.
There Once Was a Boy: More memories of my childhood, I guess.
Politics, The Oldest Profession: Am I cynical, or what?
The Poet's Dead Wife: A small sharing of grief for a stranger.
The Way of Kings: Short morality play, long poem.
It Marches: Time marches on, how trite, but my view just the same.
Transplant: Bits and pieces, you might say.
Old Indian Basket: A new kind of time machine...or old.
The Eyes of A Man: I also sometimes call this "Dragons with Wings".
Their Words, My Song: It's what you do with the words that makes it a song.
Were I To Love Love must be expressed in some way.
What Would It Profit Me To Praise You? People give praise for many reasons. Sometimes, the praise reflects back on the one doing the praising.
Whose House is This Upon my Path?

I have just added a story as well and hope to be adding more:

The great popcorn riot at the Saenger Theater in Pensacola, circa 1963


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Don Baldwin
Fort Worth, Texas

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Original Poetry by Donovan Baldwin

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