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By now you've figured out that I occasionally take the odd swing at established convention. Politics has been an established convention since long before conventions were established. Today, I sometimes have a little trouble distinguishing between the "will of the people" and who the people are whose "will" is that "of the people". It's not often I find politicians doing a hell of a lot for my benefit, but they seem to do quite nicely for themselves, thank you.

Of course, the hardest part of politics for me is why I should attribute wisdom to the remarks of an actor or basketball player just because he's famous! I've known some pick-and-shovel people who had some really great wisdom wrapped up in their gnarly, generally unattractive frames.

Let's pick on Alec Baldwin, since we share the same last name. Of course, he has the right to espouse and sponsor particular views and causes, but the fact that he is famous does not make him right, and it drives me nuts to see people acting like his point of view is any more important than yours or mine. Okay, soap box is being put away...but don't get me started on warning labels. Enjoy the poem.

Politics - The Oldest Profesion?

Thou too, Brutus, thou too art here,
And just in time for dinner.
You've lost a lot of weight, I see,
Though Cassius is thinner.

I'll have the servant fetch the meal,
But first, a drink. Come meet my wife.
What's that, my dear? We're short a setting?
It's well that Brutus brought his knife.

Calpurnia, meet Marcus Brutus,
A noble man of subtle mind,
Not like Casca, whom I fear,
Will someday stab me from behind.

Yes, et tu, Brutus, thou too art here,
And just in time for dinner.
I'm glad you've left that lot behind,
And thrown in with a winner!

Copyright Donovan Baldwin


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