The Balance of Our Lives - A Poem By Donovan Baldwin


I can't remember exactly when or where I wrote this poem. I recently found its bare bones on a scrap of paper, buried with thousands of other ideas and poems, born, unborn, and stillborn.

I was probably thinking about "The Butterfly Effect", the idea that altering even the smallest of events could change the course of the future.

Each day, each of us makes choices, some as simple as what to wear. Even that decision could, perhaps, affect the balance or our lives, and, perhaps those of others.

At any point in time, some simple choice we make could change the world.

The Balance of Our Lives

If I could tell the hour,
The moment,
The point,
Upon which my life would pivot,

Would I be fool enough,
Or brave enough,
To move it to some other spot?

Why, to move that moment's choice
One iota from
It's fate-appointed place,
Could ruin all lives and times,
Leave a world in ashes.

Each day,
Each one of us,
Must choose to change
The balance of our lives,

On that choice might hang,
The future of us all.

Copyright 9/28/2015 by Donovan Baldwin


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Donovan Baldwin
Hurst, TX 76053

Original poetry by Donovan Baldwin

The Balance of Our Lives - An Original Poem by Donovan Baldwin
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