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The more of a man I become, the more I wistfully remember being a boy. As I watch grown men from the lofty age of 60 years, I see boys trying to prove that they can walk the fence, dare the dog to bite them, convince others that they are right just by talking louder...

What's the old saying? The more things change, the more they stay the same?

The Eyes Of The Man

With the eyes of his heart
A child can see things
Such as castles and spaceships
And dragons with wings.

But, he'll leave these behind
With other toys of the child
Filing those dreams
Where such foolery's filed

He'll join with the tribe
With the earth as his home
Knowing life, maybe love,
But little reason to roam.

Still, when day's gone to bed
And his body is aching,
He'll scan the dark sky
With his heart somehow breaking.

In the night with the stars
Scattered somewhere out there,
He'll yearn for that cold,
Where there's not any air.

With a smile on his face
He joins others at play,
Barely hearing the whisper
Which calls him away.

It's not fortune he seeks,
He's no fool seeking fame,
It's just part of a man,
Which carries no name.

It's not found in books,
In banks, or in bars,
The name of that thing
Calling him to the stars.

Is it part of his soul
Which cries from within?
That pulls at and pains him
Like original sin.

Must he go to the stars
Just because they're out there?
Into space, where it's cold,
And there's not any air?

Maybe. Just maybe,
He remembers a dream
Of the child he thought lost,
But, not lost, it seems.

For a man's but a child,
Who needs to know things
Such as castles and spaceships,
...And dragons with wings.

August 28, 1980
Donovan Baldwin


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Donovan Baldwin
Fort Worth, Texas

Original poetry by Donovan Baldwin


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In the Eyes of the Man - An Original Poem by Donovan Baldwin
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