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The evening breeze flutters the curtains and the candles as the guitar softly plays love songs.

You Speak To Me

Even without words,
You speak to me...

Of quiet walks
On moonlit shores,
Love songs softly played,
On old guitars,

Of candles fluttering
In an evening breeze,
As gossamer curtains
Dance to the same
Unheard music...

Of stories laughed at,
Lies disbelieved with
A smile and upraised eyebrow
And, quiet, special looks,
In private pauses...

Of fingers touching
Across an old table,
Marked with years,
And promises of more,
For those sharing there...

Of wishes, dreams, desires,
Granted and still in
The hands of Fate,
And, silent prayers,
For their fulfillment...

Of times gone by,
And yet to come,
History not yet made,
But, with luck,
The finest moments,
Of them all...

Of all this and more...

Even without words,
You speak to me.

by Donovan Baldwin
Jun 29, 2013



Donovan Baldwin
Hurst, TX 76053

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You Speak To Me - An Original Poem by Donovan Baldwin
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