Agent Provocateur - A Poem By Donovan Baldwin


I was lured and seduced by her beauty, her wit, driven mad with love, and then betrayed.

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Agent Provocateur

Innocent was I,
Or so I claimed,

Until she,
The agent provocateur...
Sent me coded messages,
Hinting at a reality,
Which I before
Had only dared to dream,
In secret and in silence,
Certain I was alone,
In my disaffection.

Upon the breastworks of
The defenses she erected,
I responded to her blandishments,

"Speak not to me in code,
Agent provocateur.
If you would incite me, and arouse me
To follow you upon this path,
Of danger, excitement,
And adventure,
Say all plain and true,
In words I understand."

Thrusting herself bravely forward,
Her message she presented,
More plainly,
Clad only in its naked truth,

And I,
Unwilling innocent,
Of course...
And entered in her cause,
Following her along hidden paths,
Which took us to secret places,
Full of the intensity of the danger...
And, wild ecstasy of daring conflict.

She led me up to tops of mountains,
Where light bloomed in ways,
Which long I had not seen,

Also into deep, dark caverns,
Full of mystery,
For intimate meetings laden with secrecy,
And promises.

She brewed for me a potion,
Guaranteed to win the soul,
Of any to be led to her belief...

A potion which she had ME drink,
To prove its true effectiveness,
Which left me, stiffened with resolve
To join her in her quest,
Until its very end...

A final battle full of fire,
Explosion, and, at last
Luxurious rest due the victorious.

Many times strove she and I together,
Until one day, as if lovers
We stepped forth
Before the multitude,
Where I pronounced my allegiance,
To my...
Agent provocateur,

At the appointed time, turning
To reveal her to all assembled,
Only to find,
Her gone.

I was left alone by her betrayal,
To face two fates:
The wrath of those maimed by my deceit,
But even worse,...
A lifetime without
Agent provocateur



Donovan Baldwin
Hurst, TX 76053

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Agent Provocateur - An Original Poem by Donovan Baldwin
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