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When Diana Spencer married Prince Charles, I was a GI stationed in Europe. Everybody was talking about it. It was a fairy tale thing. Commoner. Prince. It scared me. I really felt sorry for Diana. I took one look at the girl and thought, "This will never work out. If I was her father, I would try to stop it." To tell the truth, it was partly because I took a look at Prince Charles too. I'm being nice. I almost typed something else. He may have been born to riches and power and be in line to become king/kink of England, but I wouldn't trust him to walk my dog...or treat my daughters with respect. Oh yeah, Diana was a sweetheart, but this old soldier prefers Fergie. Now there's a bawdy wench. I have a poem that fits her and someday I'll put it on this site. You go, Sarah Ferguson!

Prince Charming and His Sleeping Beauty

Prince Charming approached with steady lope.
(While seated on his horse, I hope.)

Towards beauty sound asleep for years.
(Much younger than the Prince, I fear.)

He planned to rouse her from her dreams.
(With a special kiss, it seems.)

Lip to lip he'd wake the girl.
(From peaceful slumber to social whirl.)

And then they'd live in joy for life.
(Him as Prince, and she as wife.)

What if, when kissed, she still dozes?
(Royal lives aren't always beds of roses.)

Would the Prince's world then crumble?
(I wonder if he could be that humble.)

Well, she's awake, her fate's decided.
(The kingdoms now somewhat divided.)

But still, she is the Prince's chosen.
(Poor girl, her smile seems fixed and frozen.)

We wish her well, long may she reign.
(I hope she finds some peace again.)

Off they lope, together of course.
(She on her tiger, he on his horse.)

Copyright 2018 Donovan Baldwin
Written Apr 11, 1983


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