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Many men seek women out to use them and toss them aside. What happens when a man finds love, and is tossed aside by the woman?

Lover's Tale

On wet gray stones my boot heels clattered,
Echoes from silent walls... as if it mattered,
That she and I had passed this way,
And, parted at the dawn of day.

One hurried night of thoughtless pleasure,
While taken to its most coarse measure,
Within my heart a bright light gleamed,
It had been more than what it seemed.

Touched, oh yes touched deeply by,
The lady who had caught my eye,
Who I had claimed so casually,
Yet, tossed aside so soon to be...

And yet, twas I was caught within,
As net of love rose from our sin,
And as I heard the first bell toll,
She left ME there, a joke so droll.

As I lay, unbelieving and heartsore,
She left my world and shut the door,
And let the darkness in my soul,
Yes, on ME a joke so droll.

19 July 2018


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Donovan Baldwin
Hurst, TX 76053

Original poetry by Donovan Baldwin

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Lover's Tale - An Original Poem by Donovan Baldwin
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