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I ran up in Arizona a lot and was always impressed by the scenery, the beauty of the White Mountain area and the Tonto Rim. I said I "ran" because I was always just blowin' through on the road from one place to another. Someday I'm going to go back there and find that stream.


I was runnin' on a back road
Way up near the Tonto Rim
When my semi started smokin'
And my hopes began to dim.

I'd never get to Payson
And drop this load on time.
After towing, parts, and labor,
I wouldn't make a dime.

As I stood there on the shoulder
And pondered what to do
Staring blindly 'cross a canyon
Some things came into view.

It wasn't just the mountains,
Gray and white against blue sky,
Or green pines standing straight and tall,
That began to catch my eye.

I was in it for the money,
Just as much as any man,
But I did it cause I got to see
The beauty of this land.

I was grateful for the people
I met while running free,
But lately, though I was lookin'
I'd forgotten how to see.

So, hell, the rig was busted
And the boss would sure be mad
But I thought I heard a river.
You know, it didn't seem so bad!

Sure, I have my obligations
And the things I've said I'll do.
There's money to be made
But before each day is through...

There's those moments in the mountains
Or perhaps along the shore
When I stop and I remember
What the hell I do it for.

So, I stood there with my cell phone,
My finger set to dial...
Then I went looking for that river.
The rig could wait a while.


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Original poetry by Donovan Baldwin


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