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I am officially an "old man" by now, I guess. However, I was young once, and did many of the things that young men do. They were not all smart, nor necessarily moral, but I can honestly say that I don't regret very many of them. There was that hot sweaty night in a Mexican border town, for example. She treated me well, considering.

She Was Only a Whore

She was a whore, and only a whore,
Who didn't love me at all.
But she treated me well and showed me the way,
When manhood came to call.

Others came later, with faces and names,
Some forgotten, though enjoyed so much.
Yet, she's on the list of the ones I recall,
Her look, her taste, and her touch.

I'm settled now, and there's only one,
Who fills each of my days with joy.
But I remember the night in a hot border town,
The last time I was a boy.

Copyright 10/15/1999
By Donovan Baldwin


Don Baldwin
Hurst, TX

Original poetry by Donovan Baldwin


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